Horizontal - Powered - Roving

The most versatile, safest and most popular way of horizontal extraction is by using a magnetic roving unit.

CAPS offer a solution to this with a product known as "The Rhino".

"The Rhino" has been designed as a modular system, therefore it can be tailored to meet the customers exact requirements. Should future requirements change then the modular structure allow upgrades to be added.

These units have been developed to meet the strenuous field operations.

The Standard product is available in 4 different sizes to accommodate the majority of battery sizes. Compact unit, standard unit, Semi wide unit and fully wide unit.

A unique feature is the option of having a high lift version. The high lift allows the internal bed to lift 100mm meaning the total unit can service trucks with roll off heights varying between 230mm with one Rhino unit

The modular system allows complete customisation of these units allowing the following features: (More customisation available)

  • Dual magnets with redundancy
  • Cable de-relers
  • Roller carriages
  • Low profile, high load rollers
  • High lift options (235mm lift range)
  • Progressive latch
  • Interlocked actions
  • Heavy duty front end
  • Large magnet extension (for recessed battery)
  • Options of loose roller bed for higher extraction
  • Nylon skids replacing rollers
Horizontal - Powered -  Roving Horizontal - Powered -  Roving Horizontal - Powered -  Roving Horizontal - Powered -  Roving Horizontal - Powered -  Roving