Training is a important Health & Safety requirement when using powered equipment. CAPS recognize this and offer 3 levels of training.

TrainingWe offer advice with respect to PPM on all our equipment and a comprehensive user manual incorporates daily checks which the operator should adhere to before using the equipment.

In general we have found it best to carry out training at the customers’ site in the actual working environment, but our own facility also makes a great training environment if you want to get your operators away from site.

For further information on operator training, please contact us and we will send you a free quotation for the services you require.

1. Train the Trainer - Familiarisation

On installation or delivery of any equipment, an overview of the equipment along with operator manuals are provided and familiarisation training is provided to an appointed contact on site. It is the appointed contacts responsibility to then deliver this training to the rest of the operators on site.

2. Full operator training

CAPS are available to show every operator how to use the battery handling equipment provided. The training will allow a comprehensive overview of do's and don'ts of the equipment and will guarantee that the equipment will last longer because of this. Courses will be tailored depending on what equipment is on site and the number of operators. Each operator will be provided with a certificate which will be signed by both CAPS and the operator confirming the operator has had the correct level of training.

3. Maintenance training

As well as operator training, CAPS offer training courses on site for any service technician who will maintain the CAPS equipment. This can be done onsite or at our headquarters.